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Meet our goldens—Leo and Jade.



Leo is an ultralight with touches of gold. He is a very intelligent and eager to please golden, blessed with a majestic blocky head as well as a large, yet well boned, body structure.

Jade as a puppy


Jade is a nearly white British Creme. She has the true golden attitude, always eager to please, quick to offer up a friendly paw and ready to play at a moment's notice. She is also a large girl, offering the bigger bones common with British Cremes yet maintaining a spectacular very pale golden presence.


Meet our labs—Bear, BB and Cocoa.



Bear is the senior family member and is now retired from breeding. His masculine, firm demeanor adds structure to the family pack, allowing him to continue to be a vital part of the family.

Bear has also completed his obedience training. He was a joy to train, continues to have great stamina and loves to retrieve. 



BB is the sole progeny of the final breeding between Bullitt and Bear. A beautiful creamy white, she favors her mother in stature and intelligence while capturing her sire's longer legs and protective personality.

BB has completed her basic obedience training; continuing to be very competitive, especially with her comrade in arms, Cocoa.



Cocoa was the pick of the litter from Indy and Bear's final 2008 breeding. She has become an adult who is attentive, bright, loving. She has characteristics of both parents; her dad's sleek coat and muscular frame, and her mother's intelligence and demeanor.

Cocoa quickly completed her basic obedience training and often enjoys casual walks in the neighborhood.

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Enjoy favorite photos of past dogs.

J Daulton






Past Puppies

Photos of some of our puppies.







About Noble Retrievers

Started on a wish and a dream. Thank you for making it a reality.

  • 1987

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Purchased my first golden puppy, Jessica Lynn, and the love affair began!

  • December 1998

    Golden Hues Kennels was born

    Jamie Lynn came into our lives and captured our hearts as only a spoiled, golden puppy can and we realized we wanted more.

  • October 2001

    Justice to the rescue

    Justice entered our lives as a young puppy with lots of personality. He achieved his CD title in only 6 competitions, also completing his CGC designation. Always missed, never forgotten.

  • September 2003

    Golden Hues becomes Noble Retrievers

    With the addition of our beautiful Indy, we became a 2 breed kennel, Labradors and Goldens. Indy brought a whole new dimension to our outlook and approach. Thank you sweet girl!

  • October 2004

    Introducing Bullitt and Bear

    Bullitt and Bear joined our family. Bear became sire to 49 beautiful puppies. Bullitt's spirit as an exceptional, fearless hunter lives on in BB.

  • July 2015

    Noble Retrievers retires

    It's been an amazing, life altering journey. Thank you for being a part of it.

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